Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Somehow I missed a day.  Sunday to Tuesday.  Wow...

Today is the day most people vote.  I voted as soon as I got my absentee ballot.  The results are coming in and we'll see how things go.

I don't get why people don't want to pay taxes.  Where do they think roads come from?  How about Health departments?  Who pays the salaries at the FDA?  When you think what our taxes buy?

Anybody in the US of A can get an education.  Now, granted, we have absolutely obscene drop out rates but getting a high school diploma means something.

Government is a pain in the poobah.  I agree.  The "cop shop" costs $$ and their slogan is "protect and serve."  Do they get paid enough to risk their lives on a regular basis?  Probably not.  But I don't want to cut their salaries to zippo so my taxes go down.  How about the fire department.  I HATE burns.  Burns are a lousy injury.  So the fire department...would I want to cut my taxes and do away with the fire department?  NO way!!  How about the jerks who enforce parking?  I have handicapped plates and I think I ought to be baking those "jerks" cookies because I can barely walk these day.  (Just chaps me raw because I love walking.  Who'd have thought so much that gives me pleasure would be taken from me and I am still alive.

My taxes...Hey, USA...you are welcome to my fair share.

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